Instant Confidence! and other stuff..

Since it’s getting cooler here in Silicon Valley, I decided to break out my trenchcoat. It’s an awesome coat I bought from Wilsons Leather a long time ago. I never really wore it much because the Matrix and school shootings added a bad stigma to it, but that seems to be all over now. I […]

A long overdue update

So, it’s time for another real post. First off, I guess I’ll try to explain why I haven’t been posting much. Or, why I have spurts where I post and then don’t post. I consider this journal a hobby. I enjoy writing, and sometimes I just like to sit and do an emotional download to […]

The troubles and toils that have plagued me for so long…

I’ve just finished with my finals for this round of classes. This means I have two more courses and a capstone course before I’ll officially have my masters degree. I have to say, of all the classes I’ve taken so far, the software maintenance course that I took this semester took the most out of […]


So, I FINALLY get the results back from my research paper. AN 80. Why did I get a crappy grade?


I have my orders, finally, and can actually get down to really outprocessing. According to my orders I’m getting a Honorable Discharge with full benefits. (Well, that was obvious I guess.) I guess they’re also putting me in for a medal for good conduct and stuff like that. Also, I finally finished my school project, […]


Because of this article that chimerically posted, I’m sitting here listening to classical while I.. um… pretend to relax. Due to my slanderous ways (and by that I mean I slander time and procrastinate) I’m on the final stretch of my classes and have a research paper to write, group projects to complete, and finals […]

Spring Classes == me broke

So, start Round 2 of my graduate classes. Classes start on the 24th of January and end on 10 May. (Just in time for my anniversary.)

It’s… over *gasps for breath*

So, I just submitted my final for my first masters program course. We were given plenty of time to work on the final (which was the hardest test I’ve ever taken…) but, lucky me, I got stuck in the middle of an exercise on base. 12 hour shifts where more than 6 of those are […]

When you’re at the very bottom, the only way to go is up… right?

I wrote this big rant… and since I hate taking lots of space on friends list… I cut it all out. Click if you really care. 🙂

Been a while.

Quite a while… I was pretty good with posting for a while. School (semi-)started and I’ve been dealing with homework. While it’s just the beginning, I can already tell that my Masters degree is going to take a lot more time than my B.S. took. (I know that to most that would be an obvious […]