Boku no tenshi

If an angel fell from heaven And entered moral grasp Would she in her beauty Be to holy for me to clasp Or if a goddess came to see The world she thus blessed Would I be able to look on her without being depressed But still I look and wait And still I try […]

I sit and I wonder

{article_content}I sit and I wonder Why my body freezes so Why my heart feels like ice And this hollowness in my soul I look and I wonder About this beauty that I know Why must my mind disobey Why can’t I keep my heart in control I sigh and I wonder Or do I know […]

A Goddess sits on the throne and waits

A Goddess sits on the throne and waits For the world is not hers She is just a protector, a watcher A granter of wishes A guardian of years. She sits and she wonders Why she cares so The world does not remember her They lost her one yesterday off in the time flow. So […]

Why does beauty

Why does beauty so pure so true have to be so red tinted Love always precedes the pain Isn’t that how it always goes? Why can’t I just reach out to her Caress her heart to sooth my own She sits so close angelic beauty yet she’s not mine, nor any man For such a […]

Asleep my body lays and waits

Asleep my body lays and waits for your gentle touch of life A kiss to wake me from my death A cure away from the knife Alone my soul wanders free No body to hold it down Searching for his goddess in her angelic gown Happy my heart rests for it dreams of your embrace […]

On the wings of the devil I follow my way home

On the wings of the devil I follow my way home Clawing through darkness, blood, pain, and stone I reach for my emotions through this deadly haze struggling to open my eyes yet too scared to gaze Alone in this prison which bears no escape I reach for a figure hidden by a dark cape […]


Angels in all their beauty and perfection Have wings that they never use Gravity has no effect on them so Why was it wings they did choose Perfect yet they still had a choice And the wings were but a thought Unused except for visual delight In a world that they wrought Angels in all […]

Here I sit a lonely sinner

Here I sit a lonely sinner Lost in a world that could have no winner I walked a path I thought was best Under a bright unholy crest In pain and misery I walk alone For my sins I can not atone Yes still I walk for I know nothing else And endure the ever […]

This shell I built around my heart

This shell I built around my heart This protection from the pain To keep the pain of love away By keeping them locked within These armament’s that I built to keep Prying hands and hearts away Now serves it’s desired purpose Though I wish it were not there The barrier now serves as a shadow […]

When thinking of love

When thinking of love Or thinking about life there is only one thing that causes me strife Time seems to fly when I want it to be slow I think I know the reason for it’s quick flow Time is always there for each lovers kiss There is not one hearts caress that it does […]