On the wings of the devil I follow my way home

On the wings of the devil I follow my way home
Clawing through darkness, blood, pain, and stone
I reach for my emotions through this deadly haze
struggling to open my eyes yet too scared to gaze
Alone in this prison which bears no escape
I reach for a figure hidden by a dark cape
Mocking laughter sears my ears as my heart starts to break
Never before had I realized how much I had at stake
With fists of desperation I reach out to strike
My hands in agony I turn to take flight
Glass shards surround me with prisms of pain
the mirror falls to the ground that my blood begins to stain
Sweat stings my eyes and my fear takes hold
My body starts to shiver so lost in the cold
And just before to my doom I give in
As I feel my lifeforce slowly start to dim
White light blinds me and a voice starts to call
A hole in my defenses and a crumbling wall
An angel lights the room that almost became a grave
She smiled and showed the exit from the cave
On feet that waiver with a weary desire
and a heart that wished to be free of the fire
He walks on a path none before had tread
following the Angels silver strand of thread
Alive and yet alone the young knight walks on
Searching for this Angel whom he draws his strength upon
He knows not if he’ll find her in the sands of time
Yet still his love lives on in his poetry and rhyme

About Matthew Jones

Writer, Programmer, Astronomer, Dreamer, Wisher, Fighter. Always striving to be better than I was.
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