There has been something that has been somewhat bothering me for a while. I realized this when I was interviewing for various companies when I was leaving the air force. One company asked me what I looked for in an employer. I can’t remember exactly what I answered, but the guy said something to the […]

Reflection of the soul

Note: This entry was just a place to do a emotional dump and jumps from idea to idea. More personal thoughts and insight than anything. Just a warning.

I hold my hands high in solemn prayer

I hold my hands high in solemn prayer yet to no god prays I For no god do I worship, Only nature Only Love. For love holds such a greater sway on ones heart, So it must be a god! Ahh yes, but nature makes us who we are, So it too must be a […]


This is a old story, and a old rant. Religion. It’s funny because I started thinking about this earlier when I was talking to Hailey. Around 9-10p I suppose. I asked her if she followed any certain religion, she answered, “Not really.” I was surprised by this answer because it’s hard to find someone who […]

The sky…

Ahhh… Since I just spent the last half hour in our hot tub, I figure I’m in prime mood to write… that and I was told to… so… I’ve been in Silicon Valley for over a year now. While I lived in Cali before, one thing I do miss here is the stars. Being on […]

Just another rant. Little sleep, and another talk with google.

I stayed up late last night working on my midterms. One is due tomorrow, and the other on Monday. After I went to bed, I was woken up almost on the hour, every hour, by my cats. Why do they have to be so nocturnal? One of my cats has gotten into this habit of […]

When you’re at the very bottom, the only way to go is up… right?

I wrote this big rant… and since I hate taking lots of space on friends list… I cut it all out. Click if you really care. 🙂

A rant on Spirits and Magic