The sky…

Ahhh… Since I just spent the last half hour in our hot tub, I figure I’m in prime mood to write… that and I was told to… so…

I’ve been in Silicon Valley for over a year now. While I lived in Cali before, one thing I do miss here is the stars. Being on the edge of San Francisco and in San Jose means there is lots of light pollution I have to deal with. It’s mostly noticeable when I chill in the hot tub and just stare at the sky. It’s just grayish black with an occasional star and the more frequent plane. While the night has it’s own beauty no matter where you are, it still reminds me of past nights where I spent staring at the sky and wondering if anyone else who shared my thoughts were also gazing into their depths. Neffs park, Petes Rock, and many other places in Salt Lake, the beach in Monterey, any place I could be alone in Iraq, and now my hot tub here. It’s strange… I don’t remember doing it in North Carolina… I wonder if that’s part of the reason I never liked it there. It’s always a good place to think. Nowadays I find myself reflecting on my code more often than not, but I still enjoy pondering science, magic, and fiction. Imagination… I refuse to grow old without it! (And grow old I am… I’m most commonly the oldest person at gatherings with my friends… how the hell did that happen?)

For those who actually care what’s happening in my life, I guess I should update you on that front. I’m currently working on four projects at work: the car favorites website, the Tellme Website, the Tellme Mobile website, and the SMS code library we use. Generally, it’s not bad… but I’m not sure where I went from software coder to web coder. To a programmer, there is nothing more painful! I need to write everything making sure it’ll work on many different versions of many different web browsers. It sucks. The good news is that my manger told me that I’m doing the work of someone above my pay level, so there is a very good chance I’ll be promoted this spring. Oh, and to any techies out there, if you saw the Ford Sync webpage at CES let me know since it was my code! (I wish they had sent me…)

In other news, as I mentioned before I’ve fully completed my Masters Degree and am planning to start Japanese 101 next month. I don’t know why I’m starting at 101, but when I asked if I could test out of it I was told “That’s impossible!” Um.. ok.. whatever. The class costs $20/SH and at 5SH, it’ll set me back $100. The MGIB will pay me around $200/month I’m in the class. The class is just under three months long. I’ll let you do the math. It might actually come in useful anyway for degrees/certificates that require so many hours per class. We’ll see.

Another change that’s upcoming is that we’re moving to a cheaper apartment. (Like $600 cheaper per month.) It’s a two bedroom and almost as much room as our house now. (Albeit the view, of course… I will miss our high ceilings and great view…) Either way, having an extra $600+ per month will be a nice change.

The rest of my time is spent gaming, reading, or just relaxing. Current games are Left 4 Dead, and Bioshock. I also got a Nintendo DS for christmas with a flashcart (got it for school mainly since it has Japanese/Kanji practice/dictionary programs) that I play. I finished Brandon Sandersons Mistborn trilogy, which I recommend. Play Rock band at work after lunch.

Know what… I should probably do something more useful with my time… 😛 Oh well, life’s not worth living if you’re not having fun!


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