The sky…

Ahhh… Since I just spent the last half hour in our hot tub, I figure I’m in prime mood to write… that and I was told to… so… I’ve been in Silicon Valley for over a year now. While I lived in Cali before, one thing I do miss here is the stars. Being on […]

The troubles and toils that have plagued me for so long…

I’ve just finished with my finals for this round of classes. This means I have two more courses and a capstone course before I’ll officially have my masters degree. I have to say, of all the classes I’ve taken so far, the software maintenance course that I took this semester took the most out of […]

What to talk about?

Eagle flag, while a painful and miserable affair, was somewhat of a blessing in disguise for me. It gave me a lot of time to sit back and look at my life, free of all my current distractions, and contemplate if it was the path I wanted to be going in. One of the things […]

Ok.. I’m tired but I’ll try to push out a real entry. Although I know my fanbase has died tremendously, I hope there are still a few who still like reading this. While I’m sure my decrease of posts are what brought about the decrease in comments, but it’s still sad. Not that I miss […]