Ok.. I’m tired but I’ll try to push out a real entry. Although I know my fanbase has died tremendously, I hope there are still a few who still like reading this. While I’m sure my decrease of posts are what brought about the decrease in comments, but it’s still sad. Not that I miss all the drama in my life… or the excitement after Iraq. I guess I don’t really know what I want either…. I’ll figure it out someday I hope.

Tomorrow is my last day of class… until spring anyway. I’ve already finished mostly everything… except for a couple Java programs I need to write. No big deal. And the test is on C++ data structures. Easy A for me. I’m actually really depressed with these classes. The java one I didn’t need for graduation, but I took it to learn java. Anyway, due to lack of enrollment, it ended up being Individual Study. So I ended up learning everything from it on my own anyway. Meh… And the C++ Data Structures class… I learned most of that stuff in High School. Linked lists and whatnot. This is the last computer class I need for by degree as well. I guess I have to put all my hopes on my Masters Degree for learning something new. Although, with all the effort I put into on my own, I doubt I’ll learn much there either. Oh well.

On that note, if anyone knows of a good school with an online Computer Security Masters program, let me know. (UMASS has a Software Engineering (Course List here) that looks fun, but not security based…)

Work is as boring as usual. I do find it interesting that the Communication Squadron (Base computer people) are asking me to come work for them. They’re telling me that if I help them they’ll put me in touch with the contractors and I can get a good job with them. I might end up doing it just to see how the COMM squadron is set up and decide if I want to cross train or just get out. Currently, my thoughts are for getting out… and if I keep doing these stunts to Iraq, I’m sure my mind won’t change. While the benefits are good, I’m sure with my current knowledge and qualifications I can get just as good of a job elsewhere. We’ll see.

What else… Tina and I have been watching a new Anime Series called すずく (read: suzuku) (requires a bittorrent client to download) that we really like. This is one of your average triangle love stories, but this one is different from most I have seen. In most (Kimagure Orange Road for example) the main character falls for a girl, but the girls friend falls for him. So the story is about how the two get a relationship while trying not to hurt the friend or whatever. In this one, a boy likes a girl but she has her own issues she needs to figure out. Another girl has liked him since he was a kid, but never really had a chance to be with him. Anyway, so he moves to this new school which puts them all together. Now, both girls are cool, and I actually want him to be with the second girl who loves him. Oh well, I’m always the softy who loves the shounen anime. (Thank god for animesuki.com… makes it so much easier than working with IRC.) We just watched episode 22 tonight, and have to wait until next week for the next episode to come out. But with Bleach, Naruto, and a few others all being released once a week, it’s getting bearable to wait for them..

Another thing about Suzuku is the music… it has some very pretty peices throught it. The opening and ending are pretty as well. The piano pieces have really put me in a piano mood, and I’ve been listening to alot of classical and other piano works as a result. (Well, along with Trans-Syberian Orchestra whenever I feel christmasy.) I really wish I could play the piano better… oh well.

Anyway, I have stuff I need to do in the morning, and it’s already 2am. I’ll try to post more later. I need a new default picture too… any ideas?

Welp, Take care and say hi sometime!

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