Ham Radio License Notifier

I took my Ham Radio Tech test last week and I’ve been randomly checking the FCC database to see if I finally have a callsign. I finally gave up and wrote a script to do it for me. (Thanks to the awesome FCC api!) In the same boat? Here you go. A bash one-liner to […]

PhD Statement of Purpose

Time to apply for PhD programs again. Maybe I’ll have more luck this year. For those interested, here is my statement of purpose. Let me know what you think.

2014 Secret Santa Box

I was signed up as a rematcher for a guy who got screwed on his Secret Santa. Having some time and living closer to the techshop, I decided to do something fun. A little bit of sleuthing found that he loved the Marvel universe and was big on the new S.H.I.E.L.D. tv show. So, why […]

My last president’s letter of the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers

It’s been a good year. Just wrote my last president’s message. Well, unless I run again. Who knows. 🙂 Hello SFAA, The year is coming to a close and soon another will take my place as president. It’s been a good year. I promised more social activities, and I hope you’ve had fun at all […]

Free tickets to San Fran Writing Conference? Yes please!

There is an amazing opportunity to get free tickets from Writers Digest to the San Fran Writing Conference coming later this month. Editors, publishers, and authors will be in attendance making this a prime place for networking. Best part is, if you’re not from the area, you’ll be able to visit me! (No, really, that […]

Another update?

Hey everyone… Still trying to figure out what I want to do.  The CMS I’m using now is called ExpressionEngine.  It’s nice and all, but I actually have to come to the website and login to post.  I’m thinking of updating to some other type of blogging software that comes with native apps and such […]

What I want for my birthday…

So, with my birthday coming up (week from Sunday) I’m starting to receive phone calls from my family asking what I want. It’s nice to know that they care and all, but I never have a good answer for them. I would happily say “Nothing at all!” and would be promptly ignored. I’m pretty happy […]

Crunch time…

One thing I used to do in my past was write about my life and my failures. While many thought I was crazy for laying myself bare before so many, I always thought it helped me grow. You can make as many promises to yourself in secret as you want, but it’s not until you […]

Daily moans

Today was another good day. I worked from home so I could ‘babysit’ while my brother dealt with some of his own issues. It was a pretty productive day and I was able to resolve many of the bugs assigned to me at work. Afterward, around six, I went to Florians for a BBQ and […]

Writing and a BBQ

I just ended up looking at some old entries that I wrote and still find myself somewhat impressed by my writing. I really wish I had people who pressured me to keep writing instead of leaving for other opportunities. While the Air Force helped me get a degree I probably wouldn’t have been able to […]