What I want for my birthday…

So, with my birthday coming up (week from Sunday) I’m starting to receive phone calls from my family asking what I want. It’s nice to know that they care and all, but I never have a good answer for them. I would happily say “Nothing at all!” and would be promptly ignored. I’m pretty happy with my life and I really don’t care about material possessions. While I’m not going to abandon items that I enjoy or that make my life easier (computer, iphone, xbox, etc), I don’t obsess over stuff either.

So, the cycle goes like this. I see something I want, and I generally save up and purchase it, or I determine that it’s not worth the cost and I abandon it. Now, if I don’t think it’s worth the cost of purchasing it for myself, I fail to see the reason of making someone purchase it for me. At this point, I have many of the items I want that cost relatively cheap. Other items I would like to have, such as a new Mac for iphone development, or a new telescope, cost far more than I even offer as an option to potential gift givers.

So, long story short, if you really want to give me something, make me a card, write me a poem, draw a picture, whatever. Honestly, if you know anything about me you should know that I’m happy no matter what happens. (Or at least, I’m working to get back to that state. 🙂 If you spent 5 minutes and made me one of those little paper pinwheels, I would love it. I would zip tie it to the antenna of my car, and smile as it spun while I drove. (Just be warned that I probably wouldn’t even bat an eye a few minutes later as the highway winds tore it to pieces.) Life is fleeting, and if you don’t enjoy what you have or who you are, it’s a horrible waste.

Finally if you really feel that you have to buy my gratitude on my birthday, Amazon gift cards always work. Just don’t expect me to remember what you gave me.

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