Daily moans

Today was another good day. I worked from home so I could ‘babysit’ while my brother dealt with some of his own issues. It was a pretty productive day and I was able to resolve many of the bugs assigned to me at work. Afterward, around six, I went to Florians for a BBQ and to relax in the hot tub. It was pretty successful. Tomorrow should be even better though. I’ll be meeting up with a few friends for a 5th of May pub crawl (where I get to watch everyone else drink while I cheer them on.) Sandra, one of the girls I met from the beach BBQ on sunday, said she would join us. I’m still amazed by how much she’s done (and what she’s doing) even though she’s still so young. The Japan trip last month was my first time out of the country, excluding military tours. She’s already been all over the place, not to mention living here. I really need to travel more. I’m so sheltered. 😛

I’ve also been trying to write poetry again. I thought it would come easily to me, but I’ve been having a tough time at it. I hear the words in my head, and I can feel the rhythm, but for some reason I can’t put it on paper. (Another problem is that I think of great verses and stanzas while riding my bike, yet they drift away before I can put them to paper.) I think I just need to spend more time focusing on my writing. Lately it’s been all work and trying to be social again. I guess when Florian goes back to Germany I’ll find myself with plenty of free time again. Perhaps I’ll find new friends to hang out with, but we’ll see.

Off to bed. Night!

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