Ham Radio License Notifier

I took my Ham Radio Tech test last week and I’ve been randomly checking the FCC database to see if I finally have a callsign. I finally gave up and wrote a script to do it for me. (Thanks to the awesome FCC api!)

In the same boat? Here you go. A bash one-liner to check the api once every six hours and email you once it’s updated!

while true; do CALLSIGN=$(curl http://data.fcc.gov/api/license-view/basicSearch/getLicenses?searchValue=FRN_NUMBER_HERE | sed -n 's:.*\(.*\).*:\1:p'); if [[ -z $CALLSIGN ]]; then echo "Not Found.  Sleeping..."; sleep 3600; else echo Callsign Found: $CALLSIGN | mail -s CALLSIGN EMAIL@EXAMPLE.COM; break; fi; done


I used the EMAIL to SMS email so I should get a text message as well. 🙂 Enjoy.

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