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Eagle flag, while a painful and miserable affair, was somewhat of a blessing in disguise for me. It gave me a lot of time to sit back and look at my life, free of all my current distractions, and contemplate if it was the path I wanted to be going in. One of the things I didn’t like was how much of my time is currently spent on WoW. I enjoy the escape, but it was just becoming too much of a distraction by itself. Because of that, I’ve starting attempting to go back to other hobbies I enjoy. Reading and writing mainly. I wrote a little rant for my webpage to hold it over until I can get something a little more permanent in its place. (It will probably stay there, just with a menu leading to other content. I’ve also been working hard on my job search and getting a better resume created. (I’ll post it here for your perusal later.) With 4 months until I get out of the military, it’s a little overdue, but I hope I get good results soon.

One thing that I am kinda sad about is that my lack of livejournal posts has resulted in a lack of people reading them. Hopefully I can arouse my friends and get at least a couple comments every now and then. (Thanks amethe for your comments.)

Aside from the free time to think about my life, the only good thing about Eagle Flag was a Senior Master Sergeant Walls. He is a senior from Spangdahlem Air Force Base whom I spent a lot of time talking to. It was refreshing to have someone that I could get into some deep conversations with. Our conversations were mainly about politics and life in general. We had a lot of good conversations. We were talking about marriage and such, and he asked if Tina was into computer or technology like I was. I replied, “No.” He then asked how I find people to talk to, if I can’t talk to my wife about the techy stuff. My reply was the internet, but Tina and I have plenty of other common interests to talk about.
The reason I mention is is because Tina and I were having a somewhat deep conversation about the purpose of currency (money) and she told me “Why do you always have to be so smart?” I honestly didn’t know it was a real bad thing, but apparently it is. I wonder if it would just be easier to not talk about anything deep just to avoid trying to be ‘too smart’ or appear to be pushing my opinion onto her when it is just an opinion. I’m somewhat at a loss here. We do have our good times, and I do enjoy spending time with her. I’m just curious about how much the conversation subject matter really… well.. matters.

So, in your dealings with friends, family, or your significant other, does the level of conversation really make a difference?

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