A rant on Spirits and Magic

There is a point in Kingdom Hearts II where the King (Mickey Mouse) is talking about Darkness. It’s the opposite of light. Without one you wouldn’t have the other. He then mentions how it’s funny, with how closely related it is to light, that we are scared of the darkness. Riku then says something along the lines that it’s not the darkness, but what is hiding in it. While walking across the compound at work the other night, I started ‘feeling’ for what might be out there. I didn’t think anyone was trying to invade the base or anything, but was wondering about spirits and whatnot. I’ve had moments where I am pretty sure I achieved something due to the help of some unseen force. (A moment of touching anothers dreams a long time ago comes to mind… it could just be coincidence though, but I would like to think not.) Now, I really don’t believe in a supreme being of good vs one of evil. As much as I love a good fantasy novel, it’s not real enough for me. Now, again, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying your ‘God,’ whoever he or she may be, does not exist… that’s really your call and I’m not one to preach, but I don’t think they’re alone (or supremely powerful for that matter.) There may be angels and demons out there, and if so, I’m sure there is conflict, and organizations that somewhat mirrors civilizations you see on earth. It’s the most logical assumption. To me anyway.

So, where does Magic fall into this? What is magic? The manipulation of physical, mental, and mystical forces through willpower alone is my definition. Being able to draw heat and make a fireball in your hand would be magic. Healing another using Reiki would be considered a magical ability to me as well. Do I think this stuff is possible? Yes, I do. I’ve been to Reiki circles with Alex before, and found them very enlightening. Sooo, why don’t we see people throwing fireballs from their fists? Well, this is where I tie it in with what I mentioned above. I don’t think people are attuned with their bodies and what’s around them to be able to manipulate anything. There is a place in Tanner Park in Utah that I used to meditate. I did this quite a bit. There are rocks that I would sit on in front of a small pond. Around me would be trees. It is the most spiritual place I know of. While I am there, I feel life everywhere. I’ve felt others with me, both happy and not so happy. I’ve learned more about myself during these times than at any other single point, I believe. I also focused on what could be considered the most basic acts of magic. Attempting to focus my energy in a ball in my hands. While I could feel it, I’m sure it was very weak. I’ve seen those that are stronger than I, but I just don’t have that type of discipline. In martial arts they train you in another basic fundamental of ‘magic’. Focusing your will into your strikes. By pushing your will and your energy out through your strikes, you can achieve enormous power. But it’s still weak compared to what I believe we are capable of.

I personally don’t think I’ll ever master the arts, as much as I wish it, but someday I think we’ll come to understand. Life is a circle, and I believe it was mastered in the past. It will be so again in the future. Long after I’m gone.

I’ll just stick with my technology. (Another form of magic, perhaps?) While I may not be able to make a ball of light above my hand, I can do some pretty powerful things on a computer.

As far as wandering spirits… just because you don’t feel them doesn’t mean they’re not there. Light or dark. Darkness just makes us more open to both the feelings, and the fears that accompany them. However, I don’t dwell on the idea of whether they are there or not. Ignorance, maybe. Much as I no longer take the time to meditate.

Then again, I may be totally wrong. I said that these are my opinions, and I don’t preach. I do like to reflect though.

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