I look inside those feelings

I look inside those feelings locked within a tear Emotions so close to you of love and hope and fear I see all these inside of you And know I’ll always be If nothing more than a friend I’ll be a memory So stay true to your heart And I’ll stay true to mine. You […]


This is a old story, and a old rant. Religion. It’s funny because I started thinking about this earlier when I was talking to Hailey. Around 9-10p I suppose. I asked her if she followed any certain religion, she answered, “Not really.” I was surprised by this answer because it’s hard to find someone who […]

If ever there was a time I did fear

If ever there was a time I did fear, It would be the time I knew you wouldn’t be there My heart sits and waits, but still I can’t see What I would do if you weren’t there for me. My soul would be empty and my heart all alone My body would die with […]

Once as an Angel I flew bout in time

Once as an Angel I flew about in time Flying on wings that gave peace and rhyme I lived with a passion that I held deep inside I held to my truth, so young and untried I was so sheltered in my heavenly space Ignorant to war, hate, and disgrace Yet still none of these […]