A long overdue update

So, it’s time for another real post. First off, I guess I’ll try to explain why I haven’t been posting much. Or, why I have spurts where I post and then don’t post. I consider this journal a hobby. I enjoy writing, and sometimes I just like to sit and do an emotional download to the paper. I find it relieves stress, makes me happy, and it’s nice to look back later on and remember. So, with that said, it seems like I would do it all the time. Well, I want to but I always find myself feeling guilty. Because, I have another little quirk that interferes with this… I procrastinate. So, what happens is this: I’m assigned something. I put that something off for other stuff I shouldn’t be doing. I start to write in LJ. I feel guilty for writing and not doing homework and close lj. I look at homework and start ‘researching.’ Research turns into looking at random webpages. And I spend hours reading talks or webcasts that are somewhat related to computers, but doesn’t really help with my assignment at all.
But, I have good news. That’s all at an end! I just finished my LAST class! No more research papers! No more brain numbing projects! (um.. at least until I decided to go for my Ph.D….)
I still do have a ‘group project’ that I need to finish. Many graduate level students are given a thesis or project they must complete. Our school does the project. The nice thing about this is that I know who will be on my team, and we’re ready to go at the project. It’s going to be cake!
Also, I registered to graduate, so if anyone is going to be in Maryland in spring, let me know and you can watch me. 🙂
Not much else is going on. I was thinking of applying for an XBOX programming job in Japan. It’ll fulfill one of my long-standing goals and I think it would be a fun job. However, Tina doesn’t want to move and I still like this area, so I’m going to put it off.
However, I am going to start doing something extra. Maybe start playing on a sports team… I’m probably going to take Japanese. We’ll see. I also want to volunteer at NASA. Or write another Japanese Music webpage. I was going to write a iPhone application, but realized that I need a mac to do that… fail. So much to do, so little time!
Anyway, I guess this is long enough… or probably already too long. To the one.. maybe two people who read this all… *hugs*
Anyway, later!

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