I have my orders, finally, and can actually get down to really outprocessing. According to my orders I’m getting a Honorable Discharge with full benefits. (Well, that was obvious I guess.) I guess they’re also putting me in for a medal for good conduct and stuff like that. Also, I finally finished my school project, so I’m free to relax. My finals are next week, so I should study, but it’s nice not having deadlines of impending doom *cue gasps sound effect* hanging over my head.

Although, the programming was fun. I probably won’t program anymore for my degree… but hopefully I get a good job that lets me program so it will even out. 🙂

Today I signed up for my next semester classes. Software Maintenance and Internet Security. Maintenance one is a required course, and the security one is just for fun. 🙂 (Elective.)

I want to relax but I need to pack. 🙁

Ahh well, can’t avoid them all.

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