Instant Confidence! and other stuff..

Since it’s getting cooler here in Silicon Valley, I decided to break out my trenchcoat. It’s an awesome coat I bought from Wilsons Leather a long time ago. I never really wore it much because the Matrix and school shootings added a bad stigma to it, but that seems to be all over now. I get at least 5 people a day complementing me on my coat. It’s pretty cool. 🙂

Not much else has been happening. Still waiting for a final grade on my school project so I can figure out my (official) GPA. If I get the A I expect, I’ll have a 3.79… which means I’m 0.01 points away from graduating with honors. I knew I should have studied… 🙁 Oh, and on the note of school, I just signed up for Japanese classes at the local CC. So much for being finished. 😉

In other news, I finished the Mistborn series from Brandon Sanderson. I have to admit, they were really well written. Or, perhaps I just like the style. Creative use of magic, really interesting world and deity views, and some good plot themes that left me truly surprised at the end of the book. There were some elements that were talked about throughout the series and I never picked up on until the very end. TOR gave the first book away as an ebook a while ago, and I’ve since purchased the book. I’ll be happy to give out the ebook I have in hopes of further spreading his work. If you enjoy fantasy (such as Wheel of Time, or Sword of Truth, you’ll most likely enjoy Mistborn. And on that note, he’s writing the last book of the Wheel of Time, so this will let you get up to speed on his style.)

Welp, off to bed. Need to get up early to do some changes on the tellme website. They want it deployed before lunch… blah! Who expects a programmer to be awake before lunch?

Anyway, night.

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