Been a while.

Quite a while… I was pretty good with posting for a while. School (semi-)started and I’ve been dealing with homework. While it’s just the beginning, I can already tell that my Masters degree is going to take a lot more time than my B.S. took. (I know that to most that would be an obvious observation, but I was still hoping to keep my free time.) Work is still work, althought I finally have my admin rights on the military computers again. Maybe I’ll actually be able to get some of them fixed again. They took them away just because I didn’t go through some stupid class, which ended up teaching me nothing useful. (However, they were quite fun and an excellent break from work.) Go back to the night shit tonight though.. bleh.

Other good news, Tina finally got back into acting. She was cast in the showing of the Christmas Carol at the local theater downtown. She’s pretty excited about it. (They want me to help with stage crew, but I’m not sure how my school/night shift will play into that.) She might leave her current job because of it, and we still don’t know how much she’ll get paid for the acting. I’m hoping they’ll pay a little so we aren’t forced into eating ramen every day, but as long as she enjoys it, I don’t mind.

Anyway, it’s about 4:30am now and I’ve been awake since 6am yesterday, so I’m going to crash. Tried to stay awake so I’ll be ready for work tonight. I’ll make sure I sleep for a long time tonight. Ahh, how I love sleep.

So, take care and, if I can get around my WoW addiction, I’ll post more soon. 🙂

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