So, I FINALLY get the results back from my research paper.

AN 80.

Why did I get a crappy grade? Well, here, let me show what my professor said:

References need to include 2006/2007 articles from peer reviewed journals. Please avoid use of web citations, or use web citations in conjunction with peer reviewed articles.
Also, for a graduate level paper, the number of references should be twice what was provided. This helps in concept development and provides diversity of views.
• Overall, the flow and organization of your paper was fine
Areas to improve upon
• Abstract was missing (major issue)
• Depth of analysis was missing. This could have been avoided in more references had been used, and/or case studies of from the IV&V facility had been provided
• Missing recommendations
• Reference list was inadequate for a graduate level research paper.

I have like 9 SH left on my masters degree. Every class said to follow the APA guide but not to include a abstract, and that I could include my images with the text instead of an abstract. This has been consistent throughout the program. Now suddenly a teacher wants us to strictly follow the standard without any extra information? (He didn’t give any input at all.)

As for the references. The paper was supposed to be 12 pages. For a graduate paper, that is TINY! For this 12 page paper, I had 18 (!!) references. If I had almost 40 references (as suggested) the paper would be half reference markers. I mean, really…

And as for using peer reviewed journal resources… My paper was on IV&V (think software testing) for NASA. Most of my resources came from from NASA’s IV&V website itself. So, yes, it’s from the web, but it’s directly from the source! How can that not be relevant?

To be honest, I don’t feel it’s a graduate level research paper. But I don’t know how you can do a graduate level research paper in 12 pages or less. Even with the 18 references I had, I was still having to cut out a lot of information and slim it down to meet the limit.

It’s passing (at least) but I’m annoyed all the same.

Oh well. At least I’m almost finished with my degree. Sooo close…

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