Spring Classes == me broke

So, start Round 2 of my graduate classes. Classes start on the 24th of January and end on 10 May. (Just in time for my anniversary.)

After this semester, I’ll be 3/8 finished with my core classes for my Masters in Software Engineering. The two classes I’m taking this semester are:

  • MSWE 603 – Systems Engineering
  • MSWE 645 – System and Software Standards and Requirements

    This also means a whole new round of book buying…

    MSWE 609 – System Engineering
    Author Book Title ISBN Amazon Price
    Blanchard, B.,Fabrycky,Wolter (2006) Systems Engineering and Analysis (4th edition) 0131869779 $122.32
    Kossiakoff, Alexander& Sweet, William N.(2003) Systems Engineering Principles and Practice 0471234435 $115.00
    MSWE 645 – System and Software Standards and Requirements
    Author Book Title ISBN Amazon Price
    Thayer, Richard H., Dorfman, Merlin, eds., (1997) Software Requirements Engineering 0818677384 $73.50
    Gause, D.C.,& Weinberg, G. M. (1989) Exploring Requirements: Quality Before Design 0471234435 $41.35

    And that’s not including the THREE recommended books for MSWE 645. That comes to a total of $352.17 for just the required books… for TWO classes. *sigh* If the tuition doesn’t break me, the cost of books will.

    I also have to renew my car this month (which will require replacing the tires) and Tina may have to fly home to help her mom… I’m starting to wonder how we’ll afford it. Wish me luck.

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