The full story…

Ok… so I have some downtime at work, and I figure I would update ya on my pathetic life. 😉 Daisy completely sucked me into World of Warcraft. (And, in return, I pulled Phil (my neighbor) into it.) There are a couple thing I LOVE over everquest: 1) No Endgame! I don’t have to raid […]

Masters Degree

Last one tonight! I promise. (I’ve been here since 11pm, and it’s now 5am. I haven’t done a DAMN thing other than surf)

School, work, repeat.

I haven’t been posting a lot, and I’m not really sure why. I guess that I just don’t know what to say or that I don’t really know who is reading this and I am unsure what information really should be conveyed. Somewhere along the way I guess I stopped writing this for myself. I […]

Ok.. I’m tired but I’ll try to push out a real entry. Although I know my fanbase has died tremendously, I hope there are still a few who still like reading this. While I’m sure my decrease of posts are what brought about the decrease in comments, but it’s still sad. Not that I miss […]

HOT! Sooooo HOT!

Last night I got a phone call telling me that I needed to be into work at 3:30am this morning. So, after getting little sleep, I went into work and arrived at the pickup point with a bus ready to drive to South Carolina…. only to find out they canceled the run the night before. […]

Mission Complete!

I just took my Security+ test, and I recieved a 852 out of 900. 764 was the passing cutoff. I guess that means I am now a Junior level Security person… or, since it’s a CompTIA test, absolutly nothing. (They’re worthless, but hey, it did give me an A in my class, so I guess […]

The long awaited update.

CONGRATZ DANIEL! My little brother is now a E-4 (Corporal). Well, actually, at the beginning of this month, but I’m happy for him. And on to my rant..