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Last one tonight! I promise. (I’ve been here since 11pm, and it’s now 5am. I haven’t done a DAMN thing other than surf)

[Note: I rant a lot… if you don’t want to read it, just go down and vote for the classes that looks the best.]

Masters of Software Engineering

I know I’ve posted that link alot lately, but with the cost and all, it’s a huge decision for me. It’ll cost a LOT of money, and will require me to pull from my MGIB. The MGIB works by supplying money for 36 months up to a certain cap. I know that while in the military, I only get up to the cost of the classes, but if I get out I get the full amount no matter what. So, as long as the cost of the classes don’t go over the cap (at which point I get the same either way) it’s better to wait until I get out to start pulling that. I would like to save it for my Ph.D, but I still need to talk to the education office to see exactly how the MGIB works with Tuition Assistance.

Anyway, as it says on the page linked above: This 36-credit degree program consists of eight core courses, three electives, and one practical software engineering project.

That equates to 2 classes a semester (fall, spring, summer) for two years. However, that would also place me as less than a full time student… I think… I wonder if I can do it in less time by taking 3 classes… (Just over a year?) Meh…

Sooooo… on to the poll. There are so many classes I want to take, but I can only choose three… 🙁
What do you think:


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