HOT! Sooooo HOT!

Last night I got a phone call telling me that I needed to be into work at 3:30am this morning. So, after getting little sleep, I went into work and arrived at the pickup point with a bus ready to drive to South Carolina…. only to find out they canceled the run the night before. Nobody let me know. Night shift had no clue what was going on anyways, but either way, it sucked. I wasn’t going to have Tina come back out to get me only to wake her up a little bit later and have her drive me back to work.

The good news is that they let me out at noon. So that was ok… except for the part of me not having a car. So, in RECORD 101degree weather, I walked everywhere. And yea… it’s hot.

Soaked through my uniform in no time. Stupid military.

Anyway, along the way I found out my grades:
Calculus I: A
Assembly: B
Security+: A

Don’t ask me about the assembly. I think it’s because I took two weeks off during the class and missed some quizzes or something. Meh… Whatever.

Now I’m ready for the four classes and then Iraq. *la sigh* I wish I could just take the four classes, and then the other three and just get them over with. blah

Oh well… I need a shower bad… bye

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