Mission Complete!

I just took my Security+ test, and I recieved a 852 out of 900. 764 was the passing cutoff. I guess that means I am now a Junior level Security person… or, since it’s a CompTIA test, absolutly nothing. (They’re worthless, but hey, it did give me an A in my class, so I guess it was worth it.) Either way, I’m happy I passed, and happy I did so well.

Other news, about the whole school thing… sometimes the on base education center annoys the hell out of me. I only have enough money to take two classes, so, what do I do? I sign up for FOUR. *ugh* Yea. Calc 2, Probability and Stats, Christian Ethics, and Intro to Psychology. Why? Well, I had two choices on how to cover the rest of the tuition… 1) Use my Montgomery G.I. bill to pay for the rest. B) Make sure I’m taking 12 credit hours and get the North Carolina Legislative Tuition Grant. (Basically, they give $900 per semester for any full time student.) Since I won’t be here for Fall II, I just tacked another class on (It’s internet based) and the grant will cover the extra for both classes. (It also gets another class out of the way, and that’s nice. There are only two essays that I’ll have to do, so I have that going for me as well.)

Anyway, I’m going to try to finish my calc. I’m tired. Didn’t sleep very well. Strange how that happens on the night before a test… Need to finish all my homework before thursday. Finals, ya know. *blah* Later

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