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Ok… so I have some downtime at work, and I figure I would update ya on my pathetic life. 😉

Daisy completely sucked me into World of Warcraft. (And, in return, I pulled Phil (my neighbor) into it.) There are a couple thing I LOVE over everquest: 1) No Endgame! I don’t have to raid every day to become completely uber. I can play when I have time, and still have fun. 2) Quests GALORE! I love puzzles and quests much more than fighting… Fighting can be fun, but it’s more enjoyable if you have a real reason to kill something other than because you can. So far I have a 18 Rogue who’s my main, and a mage, druid, and undead rogue as alts. We’ll see how it gets as I explore some more. The graphics are better imho too.

Works been as chaotic as usual. Completely missed my 4day weekend due to a redeployment(one of the units on base coming back from a deployment) and the Bush visit. I didn’t work much those days, and getting pulled over by the Secret Service was kinda cool, but I would have rather been at home. The good news is, they’re still giving us a four-day. Mine is this weekend. I’ll be going to a 2600 meeting for the first time since being put on Swing shift. Yay!

What else… oh yea… Kinda embarrassing, but I pulled a muscle in my back while moving some equipment at work. They took me to the hospital in an ambulance (yay for free healthcare in the military). It kinda sucked since they had me sit for five hours which made the muscle stiff and very sore. After everything, they gave me muscle relaxers (which I never took… I don’t like taking medication for pain) and put me on quarters (ie: don’t go to work) for 2 days. A couple days rest and I was all better. One thing that kinda surprised me… when they took my vitals, they said I was in excellent condition. (The medic, who was a bit older, said that he wished I had that good of a blood pressure when he was my age.) That makes me feel better. I still need to start running more.

Also, I guess I’m DMing a D&D game. My cousin plays with a group and their DM is leaving, so they want me to take over. My first campaign is this weekend. I’m actually looking forward to it since I love the creative mindset it puts me in. I’ve been juggling a bunch of different ideas for a way to start out with. We’ll see if they like my social/quest/trickster way of playing. Maybe I’ll write my first adventure on here to give ya an idea of what I have in mind. I just like having a reason to write. 🙂

So… not much else happening. School should be finished soon. All graduated and stuff. Masters starting soon. I’ll be in utah in less than two weeks. Lots to look forward to!

Yay! See ya around!

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