School, work, repeat.

School started this week. I talked with my teacher about taking Ethical Hacking and he told me just to enroll in the class, and he would email me any work that needs to be completed. I’m glad, since this means I won’t have to fight to get my shift changed. The teacher still wants me to bring my laptop in and give some presentations though. I offered to show the class how to break WEP and other wireless ‘tricks’, and he said it would be nice but they won’t hit wireless for a while. Since I haven’t been to a class yet, I can’t say what they’re going over right now (prob just web vulnerabilities and easy things like open file sharing, etc) The teacher did tell the class about the carolinacon next week, and so I’m in charge of introducing everyone to the speakers and such. Should be a fun weekend. I’m not looking forward to my german class on saturday though. The schedule says 8am-1pm. Wow… I’m going to bring a few 2lts as a peace-offering. (Or a “OMG HELP ME STAY AWAKE”-offering)

I paid for my lj account again. I like supporting programmers. Now… I need lots of user icons. I searched everywhere for good programming icons, but I’m at a loss. Not sure what I want on it to make my own either. blah! My new LJ icon is Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, Avent Children. As much as I liked the catgirl, Cloud just kicks ass.


I’ve been SOOOOOOOOOO bored at work… no really. My work routine consists of me arriving at work ~2:45-2:55pm. The current dispatcher tells me what’s happened throughout the day, and what I still have pending. I inventory the keys, radios, etc and ensure all the vehicles are where they say they are. This takes about 15 minutes to complete. After the day shift dispatchers leave, and I’m sure everything is taken care of, I read my work email. This usually takes me 2 minutes of deleting all the ‘administrator’ emails informing us of various updates, and ‘informative’ emails that filter down from higher ups. Most is useless crap. After that, I open my google homepage which has almost everything I need. Links to my most frequented haunts, feeds of slashdot, wired, engadget,, top stories and technology feeds from google news, my quote of the day and word of the day, my calendar, the weather, and, last but not least, Calvin and Hobbes.

Now, as a dispatcher, my job is to dispatch drivers to fulfill requests of aircrews. If a plane lands, the tower calls us to have a bus pickup the crew and take them back to their squadron, or what not. This means, if nobody is flying, I’m not doing anything. We do have to checkout the vehicle fleet, wash vehicles, and that jazz, but it doesn’t take more than a hour or two. All in all, I have about six hours on a slow night where I’m doing nothing but twiddling my fingers. There are only so many times you can refresh your friends page, slashdot, my email, Everquest forums, etc . I’ve even started reading Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” but it’s kinda boring me. I guess I’m not a big battle tactician. Maybe I’m just not far enough into it. I thought of writing the EQIM protocol so it would work in GAIM, but I don’t like the idea of leaving my laptop at work. (I guess I could write the code in windows on a work computer and send it to linux to test, but it’s cumbersome.) I also thought of writing an actual webpage to put on, but still have no idea what to put. (Well, I thought of stuff like a giant katana slicing the top half of the screen and electriciy dancing across it to engrave “Strider’s Realm” into the blade… but I’m not a very good graphical person. The flash would be fun to do though.)

So yea, I have stuff I can do, but instead I just sit there and do nothing. Just for fun I wrote about a page-long little creative writing thing about ‘you’ becoming nothing, and then reforming with raw power at your command. I miss writing, and would have a lot of fun if I could do it without all the distractions of work. (Phone calls, real work, the tv, people, etc) I really should start writing poetry again. … I really should do a lot of stuff …

So instead of doing any of it, I’ve spent the evening listening to jpop (much thanks to aiuchi for giving me new jpop) and searching for new stuff to listen to. Oh yea.. need to make a new mp3 cd for my car. 🙂

And I finally did the work around to get the Japanese characters to display correctly in winamp… yay!

Hmm… I should probably stop typing now… but I’m enjoying myself. One of those moments where I just feel good, ya know? Everyone has them… I think. Moments where you just feel like dancing or whatnot. I have times where I’m driving by my self and a stupid song comes on the radio and I screetch along with it. Like screaming with it. I must look like a dork. Or there are times when I’m just walking with nobody else around and I just dance or whatnot. Perhaps to get some energy released, but it still feels good. Daisy is prob right when she said that martial arts would release some stress, and for this very reason. My job is me sitting at a computer and answering the phone. My school is me sitting in class wishing I had paid attention in German I and II. I don’t get out and move much anymore. Back on day shift I went to morning PT, which was good.. but now I don’t usually get to it. It’s my fault, I know, but still. I wonder, again, if there is a dojo around here that teaches Katana. Hmm

Nope.. not finished yet…. well, maybe so.. but I’m going to write something else. I like writing 🙂

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