It’s… over *gasps for breath*

So, I just submitted my final for my first masters program course. We were given plenty of time to work on the final (which was the hardest test I’ve ever taken…) but, lucky me, I got stuck in the middle of an exercise on base. 12 hour shifts where more than 6 of those are in a gas mask really wear you out. I would come home, eat dinner with Tina and fall asleep only to wake up just in time to go back to work. So, that was my life for a good week. Come the weekend, I only have two days left to do the final in… (oh yea, I still have to work too.)

So, at work I worked on my final… and I kept working on it after I came home.

But, after two days… I’m finished. My mind is so numb I’m sure some of my answers made no sense, but I hope it’s enough to pass. (The final is only 20% of my final grade, so hopefully a culmination of everything will get me through.

Right now I’m just so tired… I’m going to sleep.

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