I look inside those feelings

I look inside those feelings locked within a tear Emotions so close to you of love and hope and fear I see all these inside of you And know I’ll always be If nothing more than a friend I’ll be a memory So stay true to your heart And I’ll stay true to mine. You […]


This is a old story, and a old rant. Religion. It’s funny because I started thinking about this earlier when I was talking to Hailey. Around 9-10p I suppose. I asked her if she followed any certain religion, she answered, “Not really.” I was surprised by this answer because it’s hard to find someone who […]

If ever there was a time I did fear

If ever there was a time I did fear, It would be the time I knew you wouldn’t be there My heart sits and waits, but still I can’t see What I would do if you weren’t there for me. My soul would be empty and my heart all alone My body would die with […]

Once as an Angel I flew bout in time

Once as an Angel I flew about in time Flying on wings that gave peace and rhyme I lived with a passion that I held deep inside I held to my truth, so young and untried I was so sheltered in my heavenly space Ignorant to war, hate, and disgrace Yet still none of these […]

Favorite Podcasts!

I decided to write a quick post showing my favorite podcasts. Check them out, they’re good. (ITunes links will open up in ITunes.) Writing Excuses (ITunes Link) – If you’re writing, this is awesome. It’s done by Brandon Sanderson (Author of Mistborn, Elantris, Warbreaker, the forthcoming Wheel of Time book, etc), Dan Wells (Author of […]

Birthday Wishlist

Since my birthday is a week from Saturday (Sept 5), my family has been asking me what I wanted. I keep telling them a gift certificate to Amazon or Thinkgeek, but they just tell me that a gift certificate is a cop-out. So, fine… I’ll actually make a list of stuff I want. Kindle DX […]

New outlet

With Twitter and Facebook, I haven’t been posting as much here. I guess their marketing plan is working nicely. Either way, so I don’t just abandon everyone here, feel free to check it out: http://twitter.com/stridera and http://www.facebook.com/stridera Also, one of these days I’ll actually work on www.stridera.com… just don’t hold your breath. 🙂

Vacation time

Just posting to let everyone in SLC/Maryland know that I’m coming to visit. I fly into SLC on May 9th and will be there until May 15th. This will be to visit/relax/and see Erics wedding reception. From there I will be flying to Maryland for my Masters degree graduation. I’ll be there until the 18th […]


Note: This is a post that somehow didn’t get posted… it came up as a ‘draft’ Strange. Good news though, my grandma is fine. 🙂 — Been tired lately. My great grandma was put into the hospital for pneumonia and the hospital says she can’t have a feeding tube… We were told that we’ll be […]

The sky…

Ahhh… Since I just spent the last half hour in our hot tub, I figure I’m in prime mood to write… that and I was told to… so… I’ve been in Silicon Valley for over a year now. While I lived in Cali before, one thing I do miss here is the stars. Being on […]