Note: This is a post that somehow didn’t get posted… it came up as a ‘draft’ Strange. Good news though, my grandma is fine. 🙂 —

Been tired lately. My great grandma was put into the hospital for pneumonia and the hospital says she can’t have a feeding tube… We were told that we’ll be lucky if she lasts through the weekend, so I guess I’ll be going home for a funeral soon. Makes me wish I had gone home for Christmas so I could have seen her. She’s around 97 years old, so I guess I can’t say much. She’s had a good long life, and she’s been lonely without my grampa around… so it’s for the best… but it still sucks.

Works been kicking my ass lately too. Been working on lots of projects and doing my best to juggle them all. I enjoy programming but it gets kinda cumbersome when you have a lot of people wanting something asap. I think the worst part is when you get someone who likes to micro-manage. It’s worst when you have a developer micro-manager. I have one who basically rides me and demands that I do things her way. This doesn’t usually bother me since it’s their project and all.. but when I spend a day writing code and I’m then told to scrap all my changes because she wants it done differently… (even though I fully tested to make sure it worked my way…) it’s annoying. Oh well, I’ll live.

Also, we’re right in the middle of the move and with everything else, it’s somewhat overwhelming… Tina’s been saying I’ve been in a bad mood lately… who knows.. maybe she’s right.

Who knows…

Anyway, it’s way late (haven’t felt tired) and I should probably get some sleep.

Oh yea.. and I’ll probably do more friends posts. Last time I mentioned ‘ford sync’ and was told that I need to watch what I say. I guess PR had it and told my manager about it half a day later. Crazy. I was told I didn’t do anything wrong… but to be careful.. so now they won’t see it.

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