Instant Confidence! and other stuff..

Since it’s getting cooler here in Silicon Valley, I decided to break out my trenchcoat. It’s an awesome coat I bought from Wilsons Leather a long time ago. I never really wore it much because the Matrix and school shootings added a bad stigma to it, but that seems to be all over now. I […]

In the mood to write

So, yesterday was my final project presentation. You can see the site we built here. (Note: May be removed at any time.) Since I didn’t feel like dropping a couple hundred dollars to watch a little presentation, I stayed home and listened to it over a conference call. I’m almost wishing I never called in. […]


I am just finishing up the last class required for my Masters degree. I’ll be graduating on May 16th in Maryland. If anyone wants tickets, let me know. More info here.

Just wanted to say… This video is pretty awesome.

McCain gracefully bows out

McCain, in his Concession speech, just gave one of the best speeches he gave during the entire election. Which, is somewhat ironic, because if he had acted and spoken like this throughout the election, he might have won it… Oh well. McCain knows it, and now the world does. Obama will lead us for the […]

Veterans/Military can now salute the flag out of uniform

Posted at WASHINGTON — Veterans and active-duty military not in uniform can now render the military-style hand salute during the playing of the national anthem, thanks to changes in federal law that took effect this month. “The military salute is a unique gesture of respect that marks those who have served in our nation’s […]

My endorsement for Obama

Ok, so I haven’t written in a while, and when I break the silence it’s about politics… I must be getting old.

iPhone lj app

Just testing. You can’t view your friends list but I guess it’s cool to post with. Posted via

Everyone ready for the latest political comedy called the VP Debates? I am.

Updates, updates, get your updates here!

Ahh, I’ve been busy lately. So much for my goal of blogging more. I’m just about finished with the website work I’ve been doing so I can go back to writing perl/php. Website stuff sucks. It was bad enough that I had to go back and start redesigning for each different browser. If only […]