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So, yesterday was my final project presentation. You can see the site we built here. (Note: May be removed at any time.) Since I didn’t feel like dropping a couple hundred dollars to watch a little presentation, I stayed home and listened to it over a conference call. I’m almost wishing I never called in. Our team was the only team to complete all the requirements, including Paypal integration. So, feel free and buy stuff from that site. I’ll gladly take your money. 🙂 Either way, my team is quite sure we aced the project. Only thing left is to walk across the stage. I should order new business cards now with “Matthew Jones, M.S.” 🙂 So, now school is out! Which reminds me.. I need to go sign up for Japanese classes….

In my spare time I started to write again. My own little novel that I started writing back when I was 20 years old. Being almost a decade older, I find that I write a lot differently now, which I wonder if it’s good or bad. When I was younger I didn’t think much of the story.. I just created a character in my head, though of a path he would follow, and then write. What happened to him was chance as my mind thought up little battles. Now, I find myself focusing mostly on the ending and playing it backwards in my head. I think this makes it a little more fluid, but it might lose out on some spontaneity. I also owe a lot of my current mood of writing to Brandon Sanderson. He’s writing the next Wheel of Time book so I decided to pick up the books he’s already written. I think the Mistborn series was very well written and would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy.

I’ve also been working on rebuilding my website. It’s currently in a ‘default’ theme mode as I play around with the ExpressionEngine Content Management System. The very flexible and makes it very easy to write dynamic pages. My only problem now is the whole design stuff…. I’ve never been good at making stuff pretty. And I don’t know where to get good images. Meh. Oh well. I’ll figure out something.

Oh well, it’s getting late and I should actually go into work tomorrow. I hurt my back (again…) and have been on drugs for the first half of this week. It’s really hard to keep deadlines when you’re brain is in a constant haze and you pass out in the middle of bug fixes. Luckily, I work with some great people and they helped me pick up the slack. Still, I’m going to be working extra hard this week to catch up.

So, good night! And Aghghghghghghgh!

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