Tomodachi’s and the paths you take in life.

Sometimes I just sit around and wonder what I’m doing. I wonder if this is what I expected myself to be doing last year… and I wonder if my ideas of what I’ll be doing next year hold true. The only thing that’s stayed constant over the last few years have been one best friend… […]


8AM, and I’m TIRED! Just to give you all (since I know there’s a brigade of people who read this.. yea right) a clue to what’s happened the last couple days. First of all, I’ve been climbing this new route (it’s a 5.10 for anybody who knows climbing terms) and well, I was doing really […]

Would a rose by any other name not smell as sweet?

What is beauty? And who’s the one that decides who’s beautiful? Myself, I find lots of stuff beautiful. The sky after a rainstorm where the smells in the air, and there are mismatched patches of bright blue sky and light grey clouds. I love this! The ocean is beautiful at sunset. And the mountains! Which […]

Convention over, need sleep!

Just got out of the Microsoft Office XP convention. I had a few good conversations with people over programming and other trivial stuff, but I don’t remember any of it. Staying awake for much longer than you normally do does that to you. Aigh. I think I’m going to sleep to Thursday! The worst part […]

I’m in a evil mood, I don’t know why. Perhaps it has something to do with me being so close to being off work for my three day break I have every week. Perhaps it’s in knowing that I’m going to go crash a big Microsoft convention on the marrow. Or perhaps it’s just knowing […]


I wonder what happiness and sadness is. I wonder if people are born happy, and live the childhoods in complete bliss, but to compensate for this, they spend the rest of their life’s in sorrow and sadness. People are born happy. Little kids are the happiest people living. And I don’t give a damn about […]

Is life’s purpose to confuse? Are we forever cursed to be lost?

I’ve often wondered what the point of life was. I think it’s something everyone thinks about in the back of their mind, pondering upon when sitting on the bus, or waiting for a call… or waiting for someone to appear online. One of those idle thoughts that we contemplate to try and determine our purpose […]

First post.

I’ve never used this before, so I guess I should start out by telling you who I am. My names Matt Jones, although I go by Strider Aragorn alot from the Lord of the Rings series. (Movies comes out around christmas! Whee!) Anyways, I have to thank the most beautiful girl in the world for […]