Would a rose by any other name not smell as sweet?

What is beauty? And who’s the one that decides who’s beautiful? Myself, I find lots of stuff beautiful. The sky after a rainstorm where the smells in the air, and there are mismatched patches of bright blue sky and light grey clouds. I love this! The ocean is beautiful at sunset. And the mountains! Which is why I spend every weekend up there for at least a couple hours. The city lights at night, and the sky when there isn’t a moon, just pure stars. And the moon! And more than all of this, Haileys eyes. Strange, ne?
My point to this is because I had a conversation with “Midnight Beauty” so she calls herself. She said she was just rated by 100 guys and had a score of 9.5. I told her it was because she really was beautiful. Her response was something like, “Well, there must have just been a lot more ugly girls so when they saw a normal one they chose high numbers.” I said, “Perhaps your just really beautiful” and she said, “Nah, just normal.” She said beauty was in the eye of the beholder. Well, if this is the case, then who would be the one to mark yourself as beautiful? It can’t be one person, because then you can’t agree to that because the next person might like other types of people. Well then… if nobody else can decide your beautiful, who has to choose? Want my answer? YOU! I think I’m a stud. I might not be to all people, but I belive if you think you look good, you do. And if you think your normal, inside you’ll feel normal, and you’ll become.. just normal. Nothing but another average nobody. So, if I say your beautiful, sure.. I think your beautiful, and your allowed to disagree. But just understand, if you feel the same, I’ll think more of you because I’ll see that in your eyes and feel it in your voice.. and you won’t be just a ordinary person… You really will be, inside and out, beautiful.

And you know, I would really like to see more beautiful people out there. For no reason other than to think people thought better of themselves. All it takes for Hailey to melt my heart is to smile, and I think everyone has that quality in them somewhere. Just look for it.

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