8AM, and I’m TIRED! Just to give you all (since I know there’s a brigade of people who read this.. yea right) a clue to what’s happened the last couple days. First of all, I’ve been climbing this new route (it’s a 5.10 for anybody who knows climbing terms) and well, I was doing really well. It’s a route I did last week, so it wasn’t new or anything, I just like to take super risks. 🙂 I was about 3/4 of the way up, and decided, Yea, what the hell. Anyways, I jumped for the hold… and I got it! for about 3 seconds. I knew I was slipping so I jumped to another hold, and it was just a sharp rock…

Now I should give you all a little insight on what lead climb is.. it’s when you go up the rock first and actually put the safeties into the rock. This is fun because your the one climbing it.. and your in charge. I love it 😉 It sucks because, if you fall, you have a good distance before the rope catches you. Well, so here’s how it looked. I jumped, grabbed a hold with my hands, started slipping, jumped for another rock, which promptly cut my hand open… then I fell, and tumbled down the rock for about 10 feet until the rope caught me… I was upside down, with the rope around my leg and a bleeding hand. It was the first time I laughed so hard in a while. 😉 Well then… Needless to say, I was let down and let my friend, Nick, lead the rest of the route. I did however throw chalk on my bleeding hand and tried to go again after we had it top-roped.. but I only got half way. *I’m so disappointed in myself!*

Anyways…….. I say that word too much.. anyways..

Well… afterwards, I slept at my cousins, w/o showering so I stink.. blah! and took her to the airport about 5 this morning. Now that I’m home, and have about 5hours sleep before I’m supposed to be at work… and wasting more time with this.. heh.. I think I’ll shower and go to sleep… I’ll prob call into work, depending on how good I feel.

Perhaps I can get my webpage finished and talk to Hailey! Ahh, the hopes of a simple man when he stays home from work. 😉

So, do I sound dumb or not yet? Ahh, I hurt….
And people! Comment!!! I’m starting to feel like I’m writing this for one person here.. hehe. *But she is sooooo worth it..*
Anyways. Loves and *hugs* and whatever else I normally say….


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