Convention over, need sleep!

Just got out of the Microsoft Office XP convention. I had a few good conversations with people over programming and other trivial stuff, but I don’t remember any of it. Staying awake for much longer than you normally do does that to you. Aigh. I think I’m going to sleep to Thursday!

The worst part is I now see how weak my heart really is. No matter how much it burns to stay awake and hear even a few words from it’s beloved, the rest of my body does a fairly well job at taking it out back and beating the shit out of it until it gives and decides it can go a day w/o hearing from the one person that keeps it beating. Awww well.. Hailey, love you. And I’ll look for you later… message me a few times and I might wake up.. but I doubt it 🙂 Oh yea, and if anyone else messages me, I’ll kick your ass! *tired*

P. S. If I don’t sound like myself.. 36 hours of wakefulness does that to you.. *yawn* Be back after I find myself and my angel in my dreams!
“Love ya, bye bye”

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