Vacation time

Just posting to let everyone in SLC/Maryland know that I’m coming to visit. I fly into SLC on May 9th and will be there until May 15th. This will be to visit/relax/and see Erics wedding reception. From there I will be flying to Maryland for my Masters degree graduation. I’ll be there until the 18th when I’ll return home to California. If you’re around, let me know and I’ll stop by and visit.

Works been as busy as ever. We’ve just released a voice automated dialing feature for the blackberry’s (If you have a blackberry, goto and check it out!) and it required a lot of website changes. You can see my latest change at — the bubble/page change is a new feature I added. Fun stuff. I did get a small promotion though, which is nice. It means that I get a raise while the rest of the company has a pay freeze in effect. (Of course, it would be nicer to get the promotion raise along with the yearly pay raise, but I guess I can’t complain.)

My japanese classes have been going well… maybe I’ll start doing posts in japanese…

Anyway, off to class. Later!

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