Favorite Podcasts!

I decided to write a quick post showing my favorite podcasts. Check them out, they’re good. (ITunes links will open up in ITunes.)

Writing Excuses (ITunes Link) – If you’re writing, this is awesome. It’s done by Brandon Sanderson (Author of Mistborn, Elantris, Warbreaker, the forthcoming Wheel of Time book, etc), Dan Wells (Author of I am Not a Serial Killer), and Howard Tayler (Webcomic Author of Schlock Mercenary). They give tips on how to be a good writer, have good guest authors, and have writing prompts to help you keep up your writing. It’s good stuff.

Science@NASA (ITunes Link) – If you like astronomy, this is the podcast for you. They tell stories of the past, inform you of cool forthcoming events, and give you a good science kick.

Grammar Girl (ITunes Link) – I know my grammar’s not the best, but I do want to improve myself. The Grammar Girl podcast tackles a different grammar topic (usually answering questions submitted from listeners) and it is really useful.

JapanesePod101 (ITunes Link) – If you’re learning Japanese, check these out. They are well produced and include lots of extra information to help you learn.

Please feel free to comment any other podcasts you think I would enjoy. 🙂

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