The first day

My first day wasn’t all that special. It started out at the Silicon Valley Microsoft Campus. I watched all the HR/Benefits/etc videos. Filled out my tax forms. Was issued my ID card. And treated to lunch. After all that, I was released to goto Tellme to start my real job. (I wish the military was […]

I’m alive

I’m in California. I got stuck on Donners pass for a while. (Had to put chains on and they closed the road for a hour to plow it.) So, I was supposed to get here around 6pm, and ended up arriving at around 9pm. So, thanks for all the concern. I’m over the pass, and […]

All right. So a real update.

So, from about the 20th about to the 27th, I spent my time packing, cleaning, outprocessing, preparing for the drive, etc. My Christmas was just me (Tina went to visit friends for the later part of the day) packing. (I did get the next book in the Genesis of Shannara series, The Elves of Cintra, […]