The first day

My first day wasn’t all that special. It started out at the Silicon Valley Microsoft Campus. I watched all the HR/Benefits/etc videos. Filled out my tax forms. Was issued my ID card. And treated to lunch. After all that, I was released to goto Tellme to start my real job. (I wish the military was that efficient. Well, I guess it’s not really efficiency, it’s just that they treat us like adults. Instead of cramming the information down our throats, they just tell us where to find it and let us go.) Tellme wasn’t really ready for me since I had everything move really quick. I didn’t take much time off and I was offered the job right before Christmas. So with the holiday and the short time between job offer and my first day, they’re still scrambling to catch up.

Tellme did a basic intro and then told me I could go play games (in the game room) or whatever until later. I asked if I could go help unload our moving truck instead and they said it was cool.

I guess I should mention that. Our moving truck was supposed to be here yesterday but was delayed because the people who had their stuff on it after me didn’t unload when they were supposed to. (We basically rented space on a big box trailer.) Anyway, so my little brother offered to help me out and he met them out there at 10am to start unloading. (I feel really shitty about that, but I couldn’t really do anything about it.) With both of us working on it, we finished about 7:10pm. (The storage unit closed at 7:00pm, so we were kinda late.)

At least things are unloaded and I have actual programming to look forward to.

Anyway… 11:30pm and I need to work in the morning. I’m sore and tired. :/ Night

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