I’m alive

I’m in California. I got stuck on Donners pass for a while. (Had to put chains on and they closed the road for a hour to plow it.) So, I was supposed to get here around 6pm, and ended up arriving at around 9pm.

So, thanks for all the concern. I’m over the pass, and although I went through a little snow and rain, it was nothing bad.

I paid the state guy to put my chains on my tires because I’m Lazy (with a capital L) and it ended up tearing the shit out of my fender. He didn’t snap down the extra wire that you use to connect it, and it was a little while before I could stop and figure out what the banging was. So, aside from a nice strip of paint missing by my tires, all is well.

Now I get to go find an apartment, move all my stuff from the truck to storage to the apartment, and do all the other stuff that goes along with getting a new place.

But, all in all, I’m just glad that I don’t have to DRIVE anymore!


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