All right. So a real update.

So, from about the 20th about to the 27th, I spent my time packing, cleaning, outprocessing, preparing for the drive, etc. My Christmas was just me (Tina went to visit friends for the later part of the day) packing. (I did get the next book in the Genesis of Shannara series, The Elves of Cintra, but haven’t really been able to read it until just recently.)

The 27th was spent packing the truck. They pulled a tractor trailer (big 53″ air ride box trailer) up to the front of my house let me at it. I had 27″ to use, so I didn’t have to pack it up very high. I even drove the Miata up there so we wouldn’t have to worry about it. (It’s nice only having to drive one car.) I had a couple friends from work come over and help me pack, but after that day, I was dead tired. All my muscles were sore from moving boxes and furniture. (It was even worst since I had only slept maybe 5-6 hours combined the two previous nights just getting everything ready.

After we loaded the truck, we spend almost the whole night cleaning the house to be ready for the inspection at 1pm the next day. I got maybe 2 hours of sleep this night, and it was on the ground. It sucked ass. Not only did I feel worst after it (muscles already aching from packing the truck, but now they were aching from sleeping badly.) So, 1pm comes around, everything is clean and loaded in the truck, and the guy comes, does a 3 minute walk around, says we’re good, and signs us out. He had someone waiting on him for lunch or something so he didn’t really care. Oh well, it was over.

So, then began the ~2200 mile drive. I probably drove like 200 miles before saying “F*ck this.” It was about 4pm and we stopped for a hotel. I could barely keep my eyes open and my body hurt too much. After sleeping from 5pm to 6am, however, I felt great. My muscles were still sore, but at least I could keep my eyes open and didn’t have to worry about inanimate objects attacking me or something. (I wasn’t that bad, but you get the point.)

The rest of the drive was pretty good. When we got to mile marker 20 in Nebraska (Kimball) we were forced of I-80. I guess they closed it for the night and we had to find a quick hotel. We got one of the last three rooms at the Days Inn and I was able to start reading my Christmas present at long last. And, after a long lazy night, we finished the drive into Salt Lake. (The roads were great, even after where they closed it down. No snow or ice or anything. What gives?

So, we arrived here, celebrated new years with Tina’s family, and slept. And that leads me to the here and now. I’m stealing someones wireless (through a SSH tunnel of course… I got bored at the days in and was reading other peoples instant messages and watching what web pages they were visiting. I don’t want anyone doing that to me. 🙂 Visited my Dad, and today I get to visit my mom and Clint. Yay for visiting people.

And we’ll probably leave to goto cali on Thursday.

And then a whole new saga begins where I get to unload a truck into a storage unit, find a new place to live, and then move the stuff again.


BTW: Clint, you’re a dork.

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