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So, since I nobody has responded to my resume, I guess it’s good enough to send out. I’ve put it up on craigslist at someones suggestions, and have no idea how well it’ll work. We’ll see. Still, if anyone has any suggestions or advice, please comment.

Work has been exausting lately. 12 hour shifts always hurt, but I’m getting so worn down. It’s not that the work is hard, exactly, it’s just mind numbing. I’ve been thinking I should write some code at work that I can throw on my website to show my ‘proficiency’ with C++ and such, but I don’t know what I could write that would be really that powerful. I have some code I wrote for school that I might just write a page for, but who knows. (You can see some of my code [deleted: goto programming section on my website to see] if you’re curious. You can critique it and tell me if it does/doesn’t work, given you understand code that is.)

Also, someone at work jokingly asked me why the sky was blue. Since I feel the answer is important to everyone, I shall tell you now. However, repeat at your own risk. 😉 (Read: If your kids fail science, it’s not my fault.)

When light is released from the sun, it is a color orgy that appears as white light. Blue, in the 9 or so minutes it takes the light to get to the earth, is already worn out and is being ignored by the rest of the colors. So, about the time it goes throught the atmosphere, blue is all depress and goes running away from the rest of the colors. And that’s why the sky appears blue, and why blue is sad.

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