Rhythm Player – Arduino Based Rhythm Automatic Game Player

This is the code behind an Arduino based Rhythm game (Rock Band, Guitar Hero, etc) automatic player. The project consisted of 3 sub-projects: Rhythm Player Midi – This project is designed to read the midi files from the disk and create an intermediary file displays the notes and the delay between each note. The code […]

Rock Band – Visual Detection

As I started working on my Arduino Rock Band Player, I originally attempted to read the screen and watch the notes as they scrolled down the screen. It was an interesting project that let me attempt my hand at scaling, cutting, creating histograms, and other computer vision techniques. This also let me try my hand […]

Resume and random stuff

So, since I nobody has responded to my resume, I guess it’s good enough to send out. I’ve put it up on craigslist at someones suggestions, and have no idea how well it’ll work. We’ll see. Still, if anyone has any suggestions or advice, please comment. Work has been exausting lately. 12 hour shifts always […]