There is an exercize going on this week, so they kept me on swings. I’m doing the DCC (Deployment Control Center) now. It basically means I sit and do nothing until stuff is ready to move and then I co-ordinate it between the deploying units and trans to move stuff.

So far, we’ve moved 5 things… which means I’ve been sitting here for six hours doing a lot of nothing.

So, to occupy my time I’ve been reading Perl and Flash ebooks. I might try to put a website up later. Someday.

I’ve been watching some new animes at home. It sucks watching the new stuff since you can only watch one per week. So now I’m watching Naruto, Bleach, Kiba, Black Cat, Shuffle, and Kiddy Grade. Kiddy Grade is complete so I at least have something to finish before getting desperate and looking for something else.

I haven’t really even played Everquest lately… lost my passion I guess. (That was quick.) Basically, I was able to get the the max level pretty quickly. But I couldn’t advance further since I don’t have enough time to raid. So, with no real advancement available to me, I gave up. Meh.

Also tried playing Oblivion, but it froze a few times just at the beginning, so I gave up on that as well.

And sorry Daisy… I forgot about WoW. I’ll see if the trial is still good when I get home… if not, you’ll have to send me another.

Well, back to my reading. Peace

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