Soo.. yea…. um.. yea..
Long time no see, eh?

Well, I’m finished with school (for a few weeks) and work has be considerably easier since I’ve been doing the weekend shift thing. Yes, it’s 12 hour shifts on the weekends (which is something I’m not altogether unused to) but they’re giving me three days off per week. (Tues-Thurs) Since management is only there on weekdays, it means only two days that I have to deal with them. In my shop, that’s a huge benefit. Believe me. They are sending me up to New Jersey for a week-long war-game exercise in two weeks though. Sleeping in tents or under the stars, carrying my M-4 with me everywhere I go… yea.. fun. Well, I can’t can’t completely dismiss the ‘fun factor’ of it just yet. Yes, it’s a week in the middle of nowhere, but we get all the bullets (blanks) we want. And we’ll all be wearing laser-tag gear. Basically you have a laser that connects to the barrel of the gun and when you fire the rifle, the laser shoots out. We all have to wear body suits that detect if you’ve been shot. So, we’ll see if I can ‘live’ through the week. I’ll update about it when I get back.

Anyway… I just went and watched Stardust. It’s an awesome movie and I’d suggest everyone go watch it. As usual with awesome movies, I love to rant after watching them. (I would link to prior examples, but it’s 11pm and I have one of those 12 hour shifts in 7 hours…) Anyway, a friend posted about how she was having some emotional issues, and it worked well to fuel my rant. Since I thought it sounded well, I post it here. Some background information, she said that she wasn’t feeling well emotionally, but “what hurts us only makes us stronger.”

“What hurts us only makes us stronger.” Does a broken leg heal stronger? A broken heart love fiercer? I don’t think anything is better after it’s hurt. I think people learn to accommodate. The blind learn to hear and touch better. The person with the broken leg learns not to put as much pressure on it. And the person with the broken heart tends not to trust as much. The bitter truth of life…

However, I look at it as a good thing. I’m a firm believer in yin-yang. Light and dark. Without light, would you know what dark is? Without pain, would you know what pleasure is? Without hate, would you know what love is? If so, would it mean so much?

Some of life’s lessons are difficult and painful, but I think they only show how bright and joyful life can be. You just have to understand that the balance is there and when that joy comes, it’ll be so much better since you know pain as well.

Then again, I’m just a bus driver… what do I know about life? 😉

It’s advice for anyone who has trouble, I think. While, as I said, I may not be the best person to give advice on life, I do feel that this is sound advice.

I’m going to bed. I do hope that if you don’t have your joy now, that it will come soon. I hope your future remains bright as well. And, if nothing else, I hope you have hope.

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