Quick update

Sorry I haven’t been updating… 12 hour work shifts, school, and other forms of entertainment *heh* have been keeping me away. Just wanted to say that I have sewn on Staff Sgt, so my next paycheck will be nice. 🙂

Also, I’m in finals week of school… I have 2 papers and a couple tests I need to finish this week so I won’t be on much this week as well. Next semester I’ll be taking English 202 online, so my only classroom class will be German 102.

It will also be the first time in the last three years that I’ll be NOT taking 3 or more classes at a time. And in summer I’ll ONLY be taking German 201. And then I’ll be… dare I say it… FINISHED!

At least until fall semester when I start my Masters….

And the circle repeats itself.

But yea, that’s a little update for everyone. I’ll post more when I’m in a mood to write.


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