No time :/

Lets see… I’ve been working like nuts. It sucks. Not only have I been getting hardly any days off (one day in the last 9, 12 hour shifts mostly) I’m studying for my next rank. (In the air force you need to pass two tests, one in Air Force info and one in job info.) Also, I start classes a week from monday. Soon, due to school, I’ll have almost no time at home at all. Sucky… Tina hardly sees me anymore. It’s kinda sad.

Good news is that I passed my fitness exam. I ran a mile and a half in 13:12 minutes, and did 60 pushups and situps (both in a minute). I was happy about that.

Work hasn’t been all that bad though. Since I’m a SrA now, I’m doing a little more admin stuff than the boring aircrew runs. I’ve also created some apps to keep track of various information, the most notable a application in access for people to enter and edit their leave.

Lastly, I turned in paperwork to move to Utah (Hill Air Force Base) and still waiting for a response. Also, there is a chance I can retrain early into computers later this year. I’ll find out at the end of the month.

Anyway, I need to finish working. Take care.

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