Time’s almost up…

I go back to work on Tuesday. It was nice to have the time though, and I’m grateful for that. Daniel only gets 4 days; sucks to be a marine I guess. Anyways, I guess I enjoyed it. Tina and I ate out a few times. Luigies, Samurai, and Cheesecake Factory. All really good places. I got my new video card and a new DVD-RW for my computer. I just proceeded to make my first DVD Coaster as well.. somehow… Went to watch Constantine. It’s a good movie. And I bought Half-Life 2. I have to say this…

GO BUY HALF-LIFE 2 NOW! OMG it’s a fun game. Totally empowering when you’re playing a difficult part, and the music kicks in. I love it. Counter-strike:Source is good too. Although, I keep getting wasted since I don’t know the areas anymore.

As for my computer… it keeps whining as if one of the fans were going out. And I think one of the hard drives is getting ready to crap itself. (My computer crashed and when it rebooted it didn’t detect the drive… powering off for a few minutes restored it though.) I’m trying to burn all the anime I have on it before it dies for good, but we’ll see.

Anyways, since we have the 7.1MP camera now, I’ll have to get more pictures of my house. It’s basically put together now, so look forward to that. Anyway, I need to reboot to eject my dvd, so later.

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