Let me tell you about my day/night/day

Right, last night I wake up at 4:30pm so I can get dressed, eat, and do other niceties before my shift started. So I do all that, go to work (which was pretty busy… I stayed in the truck the entire time, except for the time I was supposed to go eat which I spent in alarm red… thankfully the chow hall stayed open late for that reason.)

Anyways, after my shift, I went to get my first birthday present my wife sent me. (I had to walk over to the company to pick it up since it required my signature.) She gave me a AD&D DM book, various pictures, candy and letters. I’m so lucky! After picking up my package, I talked with various people about when they were going to move me over. Nobody knew. Oh well. Afterward, I came over to the computer tent and chatted and otherwise enjoyed my morning before I needed to go to sleep for my next shift… So, at 10am, I walk back to my tent and there is a note: “Jones: You are working in the talk (read: supposed to be toc for tactical operations center, but cq guy is an idiot) Wear dcu’s and report there ASAP. cq” Welp, so I truck my happy little @$$ back to the company and find out I’m doing equipment support now.

Now, what is Equipment support? Well, it’s an air force job back in the states that monitors all the equipment and stuff… here, it’s a bitch job created by the chief. Basically I clean the trucks, check them out, wash them, even change tires!!! All stuff that is called ‘Operator Care’ ie: stuff the person assigned to the vehicle is supposed to do.

Anyways, so after working until around 2pm, I was allowed to go back since I had worked all night. (I could have left earlier but I was helping them out some and wanted to stay up to get on the night sleeping schedule anyways.)

Well.. after that, I came back and slept from 3pm to 5:30 when I was woken up by my old shift asking why I wasn’t ready. I think my exact words were, “Hell no!” After talking to them, and going to talk to the chief, we got it all figured out. (Management here doesn’t like to communicate. A problem everyone has out here.)

Anyways, after that I came back here. I’ve had three hours sleep and am REALLY tired.. like really.. I’ll sleep well tonight.

Anyways, that’s my day.. it’s mad, I tell ya! MAD! Welp, take care.
And to all the management here, I say “BLAH!”

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