Happy Selene/Moon-Day (Monday)

Monday gets its name from the old English Mōnandæg, or Moon day. The Greek Goddess of the moon is Selene, or Luna to the Romans. She is depicted as a beautiful woman with long black hair. She rides across the sky in a silver chariot that is pulled by either a pair of horses, a […]

Happy Sunne-day! (Sunday)

Sunday, named for the Norse goddess Sunne (or Sunna) also known as Sól. Sunne rides across the sky in her chariot pulled by the horses Allsvinn and Arvak (meaning “Very Fast” and “Early Rising”.) Sunne is said to be pursued by a wolf named Skoll. Eclipses are said to be the cause of the wolf […]

Happy Freya-Day! (Friday) (If you’re Christian, read at your own risk. :)

Since we’re getting close to a holiday that many use to remember their god, I figure I would do the same. While I hope that you may feel His noodly appendages bless your life with yummy pasta goodness, let us look at some older gods. Friday was named after Freya, the Norse goddess of sex, […]